Austin Family Collection

Celebrate your family and the city you love.

My name is Eric and I’m a photographer and artist here in Austin. I’ve worked hard to tell the amazing stories of families through portraiture, wedding photography, and Christmas card photography. But I wanted to find a new way to tell those stories. A way that celebrates both the family *and* the city they love.

Does your family love Austin too? Do you have a list of favorite spots, restaurants, and activities that you enjoy doing together? If so, I’ve created a series of personalized images called the Austin Family Collection. The series ties together iconic Austin landmarks with the unique story of your family to create one-of-a-kind artwork.

Here’s a short video explaining how I transformed the “I Love You So Much” wall into a personalized art piece that tells the story of two amazing Austin families:

This collection is now available, combining Austin imagery with the amazing story of your family!