Tiki Time

Our family loves everything tiki! The art. The culture. The drinks. Mostly the drinks. 

So to commemorate this special part of our lives, I decided to create a tiki painting of all of us, as if we were hand carved from a giant pole. 

The steps to create this were like other paintings I had recently done except on a larger scale as this one would be 18"x36". It basically involves creating the artwork in the computer first and then matching my paint colors to what I used there. Here are some BTS shots along with a short video showing the process!

Original sketch in Procreate:

Original Sketch in Procreate

Crazy Computer Art

paint swatches

painting tiki

And here it is all framed on the wall!

Check out the process video on my YouTube channel right here:

AAnd if you'd like to see even more on this, there's an extended version of the BTS video here: