New website, new products!

I was really getting annoyed with Wordpress. Every time I would log in to the admin page, I was immediately presented with 10 plug-ins that needed to be updated. Sometimes those updates were fine, other times they would cause something to break on my theme or store. What a pain.

Seeing that many people (including artists) use Shopify, I decided to give it a try. And today is the official launch of the new website! So far, I have no complaints. While you don't get that power of something like Wordpress+WooCommerce, you do get a lot less hassle.

Now, there's definitely an argument to be made that I shouldn't do this. The argument goes like this: if Shopify breaks/goes out of business, so do I. I have to scramble to find a new solution. With Wordpress, I control my 'home', and it's always there. And while this is true on some level, it also means I have to deal with plugins and themes and updates. I ended up spending more time coding than creating.

With the launch of the new site, I'm also introducing a new series of faith-based images called (you guessed it), The Faith Collection. Faith has become an increasing part of my life, and it seemed fitting for me to use art to express it.

All the images are captured in the studio. Some have crosses that were suspended in the air while I surround them with steam and water droplets. Some involve shooting cut 'stencils' with backlighting.

Here are a couple of BTS shots from the "Abide" image:

And here is the final image:

Pretty cool, huh? Check out the "Abide" image in a bigger size here.

To celebrate the site relaunch, I'm offering free shipping on any orders until Wednesday, June 13th. Just use the code LAUNCH during checkout.

I've got more fun products planned for this year. Thanks for stopping by!