Episode 6: 100 Subscribers! :) And a Gift For You

Woot! Just found out in the last few days that I passed 100 subscribers on YouTube! Ok ok I know that’s not very much. Especially when there are plenty of people there with thousands or even hundreds-of-thousands of subscribers! But’s a big deal for me. Since starting the channel back in 2010, I’ve lingered around 70 subscribers (obviously because I wasn’t posting any content).

However, in the last few weeks since I started this video series, I’ve gained over 30 new subscribers! That’s pretty cool to me. So, a little thank you is in order, which I do in the video below. As an additional thank-you, I’m sharing my “Art Wall” templates that I created a few years ago. These are Photoshop files that will help you show your artwork at specific sizes. For example, you can use these on your product pages to give your clients an idea of what your art would look like at a specific size on their wall. I have a couple of preset sizes for each wall image, and I also show in the video below how to create your own specific sizes.

All free! There’s no “sign up for my email list to gain access” thing (although if you want to sign up, I certainly won’t stop you). Here’s a link to a zip file on my dropbox with the images:


I would love to know what you think of these! If you have a specific question, leave it here or on the YouTube video page and I’ll answer it. Here’s the video describing how to use them:

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I created these art walls on my Wacom 27QHD, which is great for work like this:

If you like this video, I’d really appreciate a ‘thumbs-up’ over on the YouTube channel, and consider subscribing as well!