Blog, Circa 2016

So, what’s the purpose of this blog? Of this site? After all, my photography site has somewhere around 500 blog posts since its inception several years ago (not a huge number, but nothing to sneeze at either. Side note: who sneezes at things they don’t like anyways?).

This new site is a journey for me, where I’m taking the skills I’ve learned in commercial photography, art, design and more from 2005 to create new fine art work. The work could be anything – paintings, photographs, napkin sketches. Like all of my other work, it will have a bit of my style, and sometimes humor as well.

I also plan on writing more about topics that might help you with your work. I can talk all day on Photoshop and photography techniques. Besides using these skills on shoots, I’ve become a hoarder of educational videos and books. I’m learning constantly, and hopefully some of that knowledge will come across in future posts.

And, being an Austinite since 2002, I’ll be writing about things that I love about this city: food, places I’ve visited, things to check out, and more.

If any or all of these sounds appealing, I invite you to subscribe to my list at the top-right. I don’t send out emails often, but occasionally I’ll let you know about new work I’ve created, behind-the-scenes info, discounts, tips, and more.

This new site isn’t my only ‘home’ on the internet, but it is a nice vacation property that I plan to spend a lot of time at 😃