A Bottle of Red

The first album I ever bought was Billy Joel's "Glass Houses" when I was a young teen. I felt like I had crossed over into some level of adulthood because I had my own record. The songs were great and I joyfully sung along (even though I understood very little of the lyrics).

My all-time favorite song of his is "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant". There was something so exciting to me about all the musical changes and the characters and story told throughout the song. So much so that today I try to listen to every live version I can find of that song, just to hear how his band has played it throughout the years.

My tribute to this iconic song is a new painting titled "A Bottle of Red". On the right you have the main couple Billy talks about who are enjoying some wine and reminiscing. On the left you have Brenda and Eddie, who have struggled through the years and ultimately divorced. He doesn't quite say that they are together or not, but listening to the lyrics and how they 'always find a way to get by', I like to think they are.

Prints, canvases and the original are all available here!